Branches: Past & Present

NEW: As of March 31, 2016, the start of a virtual archives has been created.  Some of the digitized Tweedsmuir collections and other WI documents are now available for searching and viewing.  More will be released on an ongoing basis after they are reviewed for privacy considerations.

Above is a chart of the more than 2,000 Women's Institute (WI) Branches that existed in Ontario since 1897.  It is a work in progress, hoping that Members and the general public can provide missing information. 

The chart lists the WI Branches, whether active, when organized and disbanded, whether they produced a Tweedsmuir Community History Collection (TH), and, if so, the location of the original books.

The list follows the FWIO structure, being divided into Regions, Areas, Districts, and Branches.  The Branches are sorted by historic Districts, starting with the most easterly Districts, moving westward, then south, and finally north.  This allows Branches to be grouped together as closely as possible geographically.

The list of Branches started with the list created in 1995 in the book For Home & Country – The Centennial History of the Women’s Institutes in Ontario by Linda Ambrose.  From there information was added from the reports supplied by District representatives from 2003 to 2012.

Year Ended – Where the actual year is not known, ‘post 1995’ indicates disbandment after 1995, while ‘disbanded’ indicates disbandment prior to 1995.

If Branches or Districts amalgamated and a new name is given, the original Branches/Districts are given an end date and the new one is added with the inception date of the amalgamation.

If there is a Tweedsmuir Community History book created by the Branch/District, more information can be found in the Member’s Section, such as the number of books and if digitized.

This chart is a work in progress.  If you have more information, please contact the Provincial Tweedsmuir Coordinator.