About the ROSE Program

FWIO’s most notable initiative, Reaching Ontario Sharing Education – or the ROSE Program – encourages WI Branches to help increase awareness and expand the skill sets of both WI Members and people in their communities.  As a result, each year thousands of individuals become more knowledgeable on various social, health, domestic and environmental matters through their participation in “ROSE Sessions”.

Women today lead busy lives and it’s not always easy to take time out to focus on what interests you – and, of course, have fun while doing it!  That's where the ROSE Program comes in.  Even better, if you have skills and talents that would be a shame not to share, then as a WI Member you can get involved in organizing programs for your WI Branch.

Here’s a peak at a past ROSE Session:

Binbrook WI Hosts “Easy as Pie” Workshop

Binbrook WI - Easy as Pie - ROSE 2-.jpg
Pictured: The end results of Binbrook WI’s ROSE Session sure look delicious! Way to go!


The Binbrook WI (Wentworth District, Hamilton Area) hosted two “Easy as Pie” ROSE Sessions – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – to give local residents the chance to learn how to make a pie from scratch! Sandra Hindman, a professional baker, gave a demonstration and then helped participants make and bake a 9-inch apple pie. All pies turned out well, with everyone taking home their own finished pie and enough pastry for a second pie. They also received a booklet with additional recipes and information. The Branch rented a local church kitchen and hall for these workshops, which were both fun and well attended. They are already thinking about their next ROSE Session!



What is the ROSE Program?

Simply put, ROSE (Reaching Ontario Sharing Education) is what Women's Institutes have been doing for over a century – providing education to help build stronger families and vibrant communities.  This unique province-wide initiative is driven by WI Members who often work with local community organizations and businesses to increase awareness, provide support and promote community action.

What is a ROSE Session?

A ROSE Session is any educational event hosted by a Women’s Institute that involves the public.  For example, workshops, guest speakers, presentations, how-to demonstrations and information fairs that are open to the public are ROSE Sessions.  Women’s Institutes have the freedom to select any topic or area of focus for their ROSE Sessions – there are no limitations!

How does the ROSE Program work?

As an integral part of communities across Ontario, Women’s Institutes have great insight as to the priorities and needs of their families, friends, neighbours and communities at large.  Listening to these needs allows Women’s Institutes to select interesting and relevant topics as the basis for their ROSE Sessions.  The look and feel of ROSE Sessions varies depending on the hosting Women’s Institute.

How can I make a donation to the ROSE Program?

Donations to the ROSE Program are always appreciated!  Money is currently being raised to support WI Branches in hosting ROSE Sessions in their communities through ROSE Program Grants.  If you would like to make a donation to the ROSE Program, please donate online through our Canada Helps page or send a cheque to the FWIO Provincial Office, made payable to FWIO and with "ROSE Program" in the memo line.  For more information, please contact us at 905-662-2691.  Donations over $20 are automatically issued a tax receipt.  Thank you for your support!