The Erland Lee (Museum) Home is Hiring

Dec 22, 2020

The Erland Lee (Museum) Home, a National Historic Site of Canada, is seeking an experienced Maintenance Manager with an interest in heritage properties. This is an ideal opportunity for a retired general contractor or home inspector.

The Museum is located in Stoney Creek on the Niagara Escarpment and has been owned and operated by the Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario (FWIO), a not-for-profit charitable organization, since 1972.


  • Part-time; Contract
  • Requires weekly visits to the property to ensure proper functioning of all equipment
  • Flat monthly rate for basic 2 hours/week, plus hourly rate for additional hours supervising contract repairs and maintenance


  • Must have some qualification or previous experience in building construction and/or mechanical/electrical systems
  • References required
  • Must have a background check from local law enforcement


  • Perform a weekly check of the mechanical and electrical systems and structure of the buildings as a preventative measure and report any deficiencies to the Museum Committee
  • Arrange Fall & Spring cleanups
  • General maintenance of septic tank and holding tank
  • Report any small repairs required to the Museum Committee
  • Make small repairs, if approved, at an additional hourly rate
  • Water testing – every 6 months
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Check batteries to smoke detectors and replace as needed
  • Test fire extinguishers once a year
  • Ensure all emergency signage is present and visible
  • Work with FWIO and the Museum Committee to oversee contract repairs and maintenance with regards to:
    • Cedar shingled roof
    • Eaves troughs
    • Furnace
    • Water heater
    • UV water filter system
    • Grass cutting
    • Snow removal
    • Tree maintenance
    • Pest management
    • Seasonal procedures (e.g. winterizing outdoor washrooms)
    • Exterior house painting
    • Home inspection every 3 years
  • Keep a record of all contractors and work performed
  • Provide quotes from contractors to FWIO as and when required
  • Supervise all workers and contractors while work is being done on the property
  • Work with the Curator to ensure artifact storage and exhibit spaces are kept at a stable temperature and relative humidity
  • Work with FWIO and the Museum Committee to ensure the emergency preparedness plan is updated annually and that all staff and volunteers have access to the plan and are appropriately trained
  • Work with FWIO and the Museum Committee to ensure CPR, defibrillator, and other health and safety training is done on time and that there is always an individual on site with said training

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to

We thank all candidates for their interest. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.