The Life of the Hall: Mountview Women’s Institute Hall

Jun 15, 2017

“A place for young people to wonder and learn, and for the old to reminisce.”

Robert Carbert (Museum General Manager), 1975

Wellington-Halton District Women’s Institute decided to publish a book about Mountview Women’s Institute Hall at Country Heritage Park in Milton, Ontario as its Canada 150 Project as they, along with the other two districts in Guelph Area, currently maintain and support it.

Since the time the Hall was built in 1838 in Hammondville (later Sheridan), it has had many identities and has served a variety of purposes, even after being moved in 1976 to the museum site in Milton.

The book details the history of the Hall, as well as the museum site, and explains how the Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario became involved and how Guelph Area later assumed responsibility for it. Special events that have occurred over the years, the reminiscences of volunteers, and many photos are also included.

The cost of the wire-bound paperback book is $12 (tax included) plus postage.  Copies may be purchased from Annemarie McDonald:  905-873-2519,