Back 2 Basics

The Women's Institute is an historic organization with a modern vision.  This means that our provincial theme, Back 2 Basics, has 2 areas of focus - past and present - as we work towards creating a vibrant future! 

Whether it's hosting a short course on a lost skill or having a WI Member teach everyone about the basics of computers, the possibilities are endless!  Members are encouraged to start off by identifying the interests and needs of their Branch and community and then have FUN putting their ideas into action!

Join the FWIO Facebook Group, read the Home & Country ROSE Garden and keep visiting our website for more information and updates.  Additional resources can also be found by logging into the Members Section.  WI Members, don't forget to share how your Branch is taking part by sending stories and photos to the FWIO Provincial Office or by emailing them to


Read how the Provincial Board is getting Back 2 Basics!


Why "Back 2 Basics" is a Good Fit for WI

Among the many opportunities that Back 2 Basics provides:

  • Members can share their coveted skills and talents by leading a workshop or presentation (ROSE Session) on a traditional skill or practice – perhaps with a modern twist!
  • Bringing different generations together through a shared learning experience.
  • A way to “fill the gap” on the skills that young people are not learning in schools or at home.
  • Supports FWIO’s current advocacy campaign which emphasizes the teaching of cooking skills, human nutrition and other wellness practices which will contribute to a healthy modern society.
  • Publicity and New Members: helps to promote the image of FWIO as an organization that focuses on education, training and personal growth opportunities – all while having FUN.
  • A direct link to the principles which WI was founded upon.
  • Flexibility and Creativity: no restrictions on the choice of topics or how programs are implemented.


The WI is booming in the UK and getting back to basics has a lot to do with it!  Here are some stories that might inspire you: