Bethel WI

K0H 2B0
WI District
Lanark South
WI Area
Inception Date
Meeting Times
Second Tuesday of the month at 2:00pm
Main Focus

Our main focus is on helping out in our community and on healthy living. 

Additional Interest

Bethel Women's Institute was formed Nov. 11, 1937 with 12 members attending the inaugural meeting.  Descendants from the original 12 are still Institute members today.

Branch Secretary
Rosetta McInnes
Branch Officer(s)
Past President: Rosetta McInnes
President: Rosemary Kralic
Secretary: Rosetta McInnes
Treasurer: Edith Beaulieu
Tweedsmuir: Josephine VanAlstine
PRO: Eleanor Munro
District Director: Edith Beaulieu

44.8367, -76.5414

Latest News

Bethel Women's Institute meet at the Maberly Community Hall, Maberly, Ontario the second Tuesday of every month except for the month of July which is ladies night out, supper and entertainment.  December is our Christmas potluck at the hall and starts at 6:00pm.  All meetings start at 2:00pm except for July and December.  Our core values remain the same and our common goal for the good of all mankind.   

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