Centreville WI

N0G 1S0
WI District
Grey County
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Main Focus

We provide education and community involvement to our members.We cater meals for the local plowing match and work with five other branches to cater to the Grey Bruce Farmers Week. We donate to the local Hospitals in our area. Our ROSE program is often on a health issue and we invite other people to join us.

Additional Interest

We go on a mystery tour every year and attend a play at Drayton once a year.

Branch Contact
Lois McKnight
Branch Member(s)
Eileen Bell, Helen Campbell, Louise Davidge, Bev Demerling, Donelda Hastie, Deanna Hopkins, Phylis Hopkins, Lois McKnight, Audrey Otter, Jean Robinson, Linda Shantz

44.241571, -81.056272

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