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Meeting Times
7pm, first Monday of the month
Main Focus



Provide companionship for members

6 or 7 informative speakers every year, at meetings open to the public

Fund-raise and donate to various local charities

Support local residents and the Dunrobin Community Centre through difficult times (tornado and 2 floods in the past 3 years!)

Participate actively in the Carp Fair every fall

Enjoy the advantages of living in the Ottawa Valley! Day trips to plays in Ottawa, local farmer's markets, etc


Additional Interest
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Volume 1: http://collections.fwio.on.ca/3505001/data?n=3

Volume 2: http://collections.fwio.on.ca/3505003/data?n=4

Volume 3: http://collections.fwio.on.ca/3505004/data?n=2

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George Kennedy's photo album of Torbolton township history (listed as "Dunrobin WI Tweedsmuir Community History, Torbolton Township History Scrapbook, 1967"). http://collections.fwio.on.ca/3505000/page/3   Under "Pages:" pick "1", then you can use the arrow at the bottom of the page to go to p2, p3 etc.   



Branch Secretary
Pam Smith-Hlady
Branch Officer(s)
President: Beth McEwen
Vice-President: Wendy McKay
Secretary: Pam Smith-Hlady
Treasurer: Bethany Braun

45.4223, -76.0203

Latest News

Support for local food bank, September 2020

The West Carleton Food Access Centre has been very busy since the covid-19 pandemic began in March 2020. We decided to provide some meal kits to supplement the supplies available at the food bank. The meal kits would have everything to put together a main meal for a family of 4. So we purchased enough for 25 tuna casserole kits, 25 taco kits, 25 birthday kits (including cake mix, icing, candles and balloons) and some small after-school snack kits.  With the labels identifying the kits from Dunrobin WI, we hope local families will enjoy the meals and maybe find out who we are too!





Meetings during Covid-19 pandemic, summer 2020

We have had 2 get-togethers this summer, in a member's garden, of 8 and 5 members, to catch up with each other. We also needed to discuss the Carp Fair, which will not be put on for only the second time in over 150 years. In August, we helped a member hold a yard sale, which was a bit more involved because of covid19 restrictions.

Also, on May 4 we participated in a drive-by birthday party for Juanita Snelgrove, our oldest WI member, who lives in a senior's home in Kanata. She was thrilled by the people who decorated their cars and participated in a parade of about 20 vehicles past where she sat in splendour on the front steps of the home with her family.




February 2019 Winter Carnival at Dunrobin Community Centre

During the winter after the terrible tornado of September 21, 2018, Dunrobin village really needed a party, so the Dunrobin Community Centre put on a winter carnival on Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, In sympathy, the Coningsby WI from the Toronto area had just sent 10 handmade quilts to our Dunrobin WI. So we handed the 10 quilts out at the carnival, to comfort some of our local families, many of whom lost their homes in the tornado. We also provided all the baking and hot chocolate at the party!






(see also https://westcarletononline.com/dunrobin-carnival-a-sunny-reunion/)

100th Anniversary celebrations in May, 2018

Commemoration of a plaque at the greenspace in the centre of Dunrobin, to remember the Younghusband family. They established the first store in Dunrobin in 1861, and added a post office in 1964.

Gathering of the Dunrobin WI members at the hundredth anniversary party.

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