Lakeside WI

N0M 2G0
WI District
WI Area
Inception Date
Meeting Times
1st Wednesday of the Month
Branch Secretary
Anne Roxburgh
Branch Officer(s)
Past President: Helen Holden 519-475-4673
President: Vivian McDonald and Nancy Muir
Secretary: Anne Roxburgh
Treasurer: Nancy Muir
PRC: Ruth Skillings
Dist. Director: Helen Holden
Alt. Dist. Director: Marg Ogar
Branch Director: Donna Kittmer
Branch Director: Ruth Skillings
Branch Director:
Advocacy Coordinator: Ruth Skillings
Tweedsmuir Coordinator: Anne Roxburgh
Tweedsmuir Coordinator: Charlotte Dingwall
ROSE Coordinator: Vivian McDonald
Branch Member(s)
Helen Holden
Vivian McDonald
Anne Roxburgh
Eleanor Ball
Ruth Skillings
Marg Ogar
Donna Kittmer
Ida Anne Harris
Ruth Gates
Charlotte Dingwall
Eunice Worte
Linda McCorquodale
Nancy Muir
Shirley Logan
Jean Johnson

43.2173288, -81.2030653

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