Lily Dempsey WI

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Huron Perth
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Meeting Times
Wednesday at 10:00am
Main Focus

Staying tuned to our home communities, local, country and world issues. Where there is a need we try to help. For Home and Country.

Additional Interest

We try to be visible in our community by volunteering and donating to its needs.

Members donate their time and cookies to the Milverton Blood Donor Clinics.

We donate yearly to the local Mennonite Central Committee Loaves and Fishes Food bank.

We have made donations to the three area schools: Milverton, Mornington Township and Elma Township to help pay for their new playground equipment.

Each year at Christmas, two members volunteer to shop for, wrap and deliver Christmas gifts for the family we have been chosen to help by the MCC Loaves and Fishes.

A donation is made every year to the Milverton Agriculture Society.

The Foundation for Education (reading projects), Kollcrest Lodge, the Red Cross and the Children's Aid Society have also received donations from us in the past.

We also take an active roll in the yearly Milverton Beats Cancer Weekend.

Branch Secretary
Eleanor Elg
Branch Contact
Eleanor Elg
Branch Member(s)
Sally Coxon
Alice Egli
Barb Elg
Eleanor Elg
Reta Gerber
Lydia Habegger
Jeanette Harrow
Katie Kuepfer
Ronda Lichti
Betty Ann Mayberry
Marthe McDonald
JoAnn Ohm
Linda Reis
Arlene Riehl
Shirley Strickert
Shirley Waddell
Jeanette Young
Phyllis Young

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Latest News

A first for us in 2015 was donating to the Stratford Basketiers - we were to fill a  laundry basket with personal care and home items. In our our enthusiasm, we ended up filling three large baskets that went to support the Optimist Place, the Emily Murphy Centre and the Huron Women's Shelter. This will probably become another yearly event for our group.

119th Anniversary of Women's Institute - special project:

On Feb. 19th, 2016 members of the Lily Dempsey donated two Quincy books, bears and quilts:

One was presented by Shirley Waddell to OPP officer Crystal Denstedt, to be given to a child involved in an accident.

The other was presented by Joanne Ohm to Bev Carter, a staff member of  the Stratford General Hospital. Bev gave it the Emergency Department to become a comfort for a sick or injured child.

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