Palmyra WI

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Inception Date
Main Focus

Our main focus for the last several years has been filling Comfy Sacks for Children's Services.  Children's Services give us a list of items for the sacks and we sew the bags and fill them with the necessary items.  We feel this is a very worthwile cause and it gives the children who are taken from their homes something to call their own.

Additional Interest

We are a very active Branch and take part in the Highgate Fair which is held every September.  We enter a project in the Group Theme Display and for the last two years have sponsored a Spelling Bee which seems to be gaining in popularity at the Fair.  We send cards to shut ins in our area.  We send a delegate to District and Area meetings and several of our members are involved at District and Area levels. 

Branch Secretary
Cathy Budd
Branch Officer(s)
President - Martha Gammage
Past President - Shirley Ashton
Vice President - Hannie Vanderzanden
Secretary - Cathy Budd
Treasurer - Shirley Ashton
District Director - Annie Nuttall
Tweedsmuir Co-ordinator - Jeanne Gillard
Lobbying Co-ordinator - Cathy Budd
Good Cheer - Linda Osborne
Public Relations - Jeanne Gillard
Program Co-ordinator - Martha Gammage
Pianist - Margaret Eberle
Song Leader - Kay Quinton
Branch Directors -Hannie Vanderzanden, Jose VanLeeuwen
Auditors - Hannie Vanderzanden, Cathy Budd
Branch Member(s)
Joan Alvarez
Shirley Ashton
Cathy Budd
Ann Burns
Margaret Eberle
Martha Gammage
Jeanne Gillard
Jackie Jackson
Quinta Jones
Linda Osborne
Kay Quinton
Hannie VanderZanden
Branch Honourary Members:
Florence Humble, Mary McGuire

42.5117825, -81.8196413

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