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Meeting Times
Main Focus

Meetings held third Tuesday of each month from September through to June. Meetings generally start at 6:30. The December meeting is usually changed to a date closer to the first of December.

Additional Interest

Usually we have a speaker or a theme.

Branch Secretary
Barb Baldwin
Branch Contact
Barb Baldwin
Branch Officer(s)
President: Cindy Williams
Vice-President 1st: Susan Goltz
Vice-President 2nd: Joan Bentley
Secretary: Barb Baldwin
Treasurer: Sharon Timms
Lobbying/Advocate: Cindy Williams
Public Relations: Darlene Poirier
Tweedsmuir: Barb Dutton
Rose Coordinator: Darlene Poirier

Branch Member(s)
Dianne Annette
Sharran Back
Barb Baldwin
Frances Mae Balodis
Joan Bentley
Carol Boak
Connie Cain
Pat Cain
Sheila Creasor
Nancy Davis
Betty Dawson
Barb Dutton
Lena Dutton
Jennifer Dutton
Susan Eck
Bernice Edwards
Linda Edwards
Rosine Findlay
Arlene Frankland
Susan Goltz
Iris Greer
Marjory Hallman
Nancy Hill
Carol Kingshott
Ercia Linger
Barb Low
Anne McTaggart
Helen Martin
Elaine Mason
Jeanne Pettit
Darlene Poirier
Bonnie Quinn
Darcy Sills
Carol Taylor
Sharon Timms
Gunta Towsley
Pat Veitch
Lorna Walkling
Cindy Williams
Lois Wilson

45.1990878, -79.5954501

Latest News

Latest News

Centennial Tea
posted on: Monday Jul 25th - 2011

Windermere Women's Institute will celebrate the existance of W.I. in Windermere for 100 years. On October 11, 2011, an afternoon tea will be held at 2 o"clock. Our membership of 38 women will meet at that time with each other and with many visitors.

The picture of the Windermere Banner being carried by two W.I. members was taken on July 20th,2011 at the Windermere and Area Lion's Club Funday. A bakesale, float and parade were successful.

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