Erland Lee Award of Appreciation

The prestigious Erland Lee Award of Appreciation is presented by the Federated Women's Institutes of Canada (FWIC) to a man who most exemplifies those qualities of Erland Lee, which led to the founding of the Women’s Institute. Nominations can come from the Branch, District, or Provincial level. Ontario is entitled to two nominations per year. Specifics of the nominee’s contribution to WI must be included with the nomination letter and forwarded to the FWIO Provincial Office for approval by January 31st of each year, along with a $15.00 cheque payable to FWIO. Once approved, the gentleman’s name will be forwarded to FWIC along with the nomination fee.

Nomination Form (PDF)

Past Ontario Recipients

2018 Bruce Zavitz
2018 Fred Hyde
2017 Mike Baker
2017 Neil Blackman
2016 Wayne Bauer
2016 Fred Cooper
2015 Leendert (Lane) Byl
2015 Peter White
2013 Hollie Archer
2012 Robert (Bob) Sadler
2011 John Beedham
2011 Bill Gagnon
2009 Jeff Laidlaw
2007 Keith Davidson
2006 Bruce Snider
2003 George Timpson
2000 Harold MacMillan
1997 Jack Matthison
1997 Douglas Couper Smith
1994 Bob Taylor
1991 Wally Knapp
1991 Reg Whitty