Baltimore WI 100th Anniversary

Back row: Lillian Prentice, Shirley Johnston, Lois Crider, Martha Budd, Shirley Linton, Marg Ivatt and Shirley Robinson. Front row: Audrey Holms, Betty Ford, Marjorie Noble and Sidney Drew.

The Baltimore Branch of the Women's Institute held their first meeting on February 17, 2012, but celebration was delayed until June 7, 2012 when Members and guests gathered at the Baltimore Community Centre for an afternoon of friendship, reminiscence and fun. Everyone enjoyed the music of the Corktown Fiddlers as they played many familiar tunes. Greetings were brought from municipal, provincial and federal governments. District President Alberta Johnston presented 100th anniversary pins to the eleven Members of the Branch. Marjorie Noble, the Branch's oldest Member, cut a lovely anniversary cake decorated in blue and gold which was enjoyed with strawberries and ice cream, bringing to a close a lovely afternoon.

President Lois Crider and Marjorie Noble cut the anniversary cake.