Crown Hill WI 100th Anniversary

Pictured above are Burnstown WI Member Eileen Brydges (L) and former Member and Branch Secretary Grace McIntyre (R).  The ladies are standing in front of the "Angel Quilt" which was made to honour the 193 Members that have been a part of Burnstown WI in its first 100 years.

Saturday, June 25, 2011 marked a very special day for a remarkable group of ladies in the Burnstown WI – the celebration of their 100th Anniversary. Not only did they embark on a milestone of achievement, but they were a part of history in the making.

The day started off with a light luncheon and special tea, followed by the unveiling of the anniversary quilt, and the selling of their cookbooks, leading into local entertainers.

Opening remarks were given by Branch President Jane Flain and then off they went, stepping back into time with the reenactment of the first Branch Minutes.

Greetings were presented from Renfrew South District by Irene Robillard, while Life Member Eileen Brydges said a few words and introduced the guest speaker, storyteller Mary Cook. The atmosphere was set. Everyone and everything was so beautiful from frills to hats, accented with fine linens and lace and fresh cut flowers everywhere. They could not have asked for a more wonderful day.