Guthrie WI 100th Anniversary

Guthrie WI (Simcoe Area) celebrated its 100th Anniversary twice this year.  Back on February 19th, the Branch celebrated with a sleigh ride, followed by a lunch in Elmvale where some of the Craighurst WI Members joined them.  It was a perfect sunny day with fresh snow on the trees, and the horses seemed to enjoy trotting through the snow with jingle bells ringing just as much as the Members did!

The second celebration was on July 10th when they held a Garden Party in a large garden on Nancy Partridge's farm.  There were many visitors, including WI Members from other Branches, community members and the local MP, MPP and Mayor.  Members June Sanderson, Carolyn Campbell, Edwiene Campbell and Corinne Anderson received their Life Membership certificates and pins from FWIO President Evelyn Peck.  Many wore long skirts and fancy hats of the 1913 era and though the sun shone, it was a bit windy, which was a challenge to keep on the large hats!  Dainty sandwiches and punch were served to the background of live Caribbean music.  This was followed by tea and two celebratory 100th Anniversary cakes.  Several neighbours and other community folk got together to share old stories and what the future would hold for them.  It was a happy time for all.