Morrish WI 100th Anniversary

On June 2, 2009 the Morrish WI held their 100th Anniversary at the Welcome Church Sunday School room. John Groenveld and Cathy Service played music before the opening. Vivian Quantrill and Eileen O’Hara looked after people signing the guest book. The program opened with President Marion Hodgson leading the reciting of the Ode and the Mary Stewart Collect in unison.

Marian Bamsey read a letter from the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper. Congratulations were read from MP Lou Rinouldy and Rick Norlock. Mayor Lynda Thompson brought congratulations. Dorothy Beedham read a letter from FWIO President Joy Trimble who was unable to attend. Dorothy also presented Branch Members with 100th Anniversary Pins. There were 75 people in attendance.