Reid’s Corners WI 100th Anniversary

Cutting the anniversary cake is Doris Hollands, a Member for over 70 years, while RCWI President, Sharon Courtney (R), and Bruce District President, Brenda Ramsdale (L), look on.

Reid’s Corners WI (Grey-Bruce Area) recently completed the celebration of their 100th year as a Branch since chartering February 13, 1913.  In January 2013, Members arrived for the regular meeting wearing hats and gloves as ladies did in days gone by.  Bridging the years since their aunt, mother and grandmother were Charter and early Members, sisters Evelyn Elliott and Doris Hollands, the Branch’s most mature Members, performed a duet complete with costumes and props to the musical accompaniment of new Member, Ellen Waye, with her laptop computer.

In April, seven Members were proud to receive pins recognizing 10 to 50 years of service. 

A sunny day in May provided the perfect setting as President Sharon Courtney welcomed over 90 Members, guests from 13 WI Branches in Bruce District, as well as municipal and provincial government dignitaries, friends and former Members to a delicious luncheon in the beautifully decorated Pine River Church Hall at Reid’s Corners.  A special moment was the cutting of an Anniversary Cake made by a teenage entrepreneur, Kirsten Walden, who is a great-great-great granddaughter of Charter Member, Mrs. John Walden.  An afternoon program included the presentation of 100-year pins and the awarding of a 70-year pin to Doris Hollands by Sylvia Hasbury, Grey-Bruce Area President.  A display of Tweedsmuir books along with other historical collections and memorabilia and a sing-along led by Ruth Anne Robinson and pianist, Joyce Courtney, provided moments of nostalgia.  A Walk Down Memory Lane, prepared by Nancy Copeland and Ellen Waye after many hours of engrossing research in the volumes of Tweedsmuir History, reviewed the activities and accomplishments of the past century. Members in period costumes reminded guests of the styles worn in each decade.  Attendees were entertained by Underneath It All, a light-hearted history of women’s undergarments, presented by Wendy Tomlinson.

The month of June saw Members participating in a self-guided tour of Huron Township, researched and organized by Tweedsmuir Coordinator, Ruth Anne Robinson.  Many tidbits of historical information were discovered and a mouth-watering luncheon served by neighbouring Purple Grove WI was enjoyed.

At the Branch's Christmas meeting, they were happy to honour the dedication of five more Members who received pins recognizing ten to forty years of membership in WI.  All in all was a year to remember!