Thornyhurst WI 100th Anniversary

The 100th Anniversary of Thornyhurst WI (Lambton South District, Southwestern Area) was celebrated on June 15, 2011 at the Thornyhurst School – the location where the Branch was organized 100 years earlier.  A light lunch was served, and a lovely afternoon was enjoyed with 50 guests and speakers.  Membership pins were presented to Velma Clancy (60 years), Ann Shepley (50 years), Irene Kraayenbrink (40 years), Lucianne Bunda (30 years), and Doris Fournic (25 years).  Due to the death of Member Lucille Caran, her daughter Marcia Bentan was presented with her mother’s 40 year pin.  Marcia is a Branch Member herself.  Every Member received their 100 year pin.  They are all very proud of their Branch for achieving this milestone.