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Main Focus:

We celebrated our 110th Anniversary in June of 2012.

March Planning Meeting 2012  

March Planning Meeting 2012 – Ruth Halbert receiving 75 year award

Memories Of Camilla Members

Ruth Halbert: Joined the WI when she was 16 years old. Led many 4-H projects and was Coordinator of the Tweedsmuir history for many years and still assists. Involved with the craft show for 20 years ( a very successful event). Our annual wagon rides started at the Halbert farm, moved to the Young farm and since the there have been many trips through the country side.

Wilma Young: Wilma was involved with 4-H and was the driver for many members to WI meetings. Community involvement, Craft shows, Potluck suppers, dinners and dancing and summer hay rides . 

Mary Coulter: Has been involved with WI for a lifetime. She has enjoyed all events and catering in connection with Camilla WI.

Dianne Holmes: Remembers being involved with 4-H where she learned gardening, cooking and sewing etc. Recalls the Camilla Branch as being a very community oriented group. Her mother Ruth Halbert is a 75 year member.

Lois Chapman: Joined the group in 2008 and has enjoyed meeting so many people in our community. She is a very active member.

Judy Lansing: Was invited to join the WI Camilla branch when they moved to Mono. She has been an active member and has held the position of treasurer at one time. Also involved with catering events and program planning.

Karen Lada: Moved to Mono in 2008 and met and joined Camilla Branch where she met many neighbours and friends.Through Wilma Young she helped out making pies and opening her home to meetings

Patricia Hodgins: Is a life member of Camilla and joined in 1973 on invitation from Ruth Halbert. As my Mother was an active member of Puslinch Women’s Institute for many years I was familiar with Institute and the many activities and community events in which it is active.

Joan Brailey: As an active member and a past President, Joan joined Camilla branch when she moved to Mono after retirement.

Marjorie Speers: A life member of Camilla Marjorie has been active with 4-H and has held several offices including treasurer. She recalls joining the WI when she was given a membership to WI from Blount WI on the occasion of her marriage.

Additional Interest:


2010 Quilt Project                   Happy Quilters!!!                     Betty Sanderson, Bev Parker and Linda Bechard

(Marjorie Speers & Patricia Hodgins)    All Camilla Members


Our 100th Anniversary

Our meeting at the home of Joan Brailey!

Branch Secretary: Brenda Shirley

Phone: 519-925-8549

Latest News:

This is some of our history

110 years of Service and Friendship for Home and Country

While the twentieth century witnessed the remarkable achievements for women in their struggle for equality, the roots of the Women’s Movement can be traced back to the nineteenth century when the first bill for the enfranchisement of women was drafted and presented to the British Government

In Canada the lives of rural women were forever changed by the founding of the Women’s Institutes….non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-racial, committed to improve the physical, intellectual and cultural conditions in all rural homes.

Erland Lee, a great Canadian farmer and a graduate of the Ontario Agricultural College planted an unique seed when he envisioned a sister organization for his Farmers’ Institute. This sister organization would grow into both the Women’s Institutes of Canada and the Associated Country Women of the world.

Dr George Creelman, an ancestor of John Creelman who lives in our area, affiliated with the University of Guelph and the Farmers’ Institutes served as the second supervisor of the Women’s Institutes. During his term he encouraged growth, hired effective lecturers and pushed legislation to firmly establish the beginning of Women’s Institutes. His term was marked by the growth and development of the organization in 1900 to 44 branches by 1902….the year the Camilla Branch was organized. 

A women’s Institute branch includes members from all walks of life, working together to provide aid to many, whether its community, province or overseas.

Task undertaken:

Care packages for the armed force

Provided courses: Health, Nutrition, Food, Exercise, Cooking, Fashion, etc.

Programs provided to strengthen family units, improve health, safety precautions and so on.

Celebrating 110 years




Photos top to bottom and left to right.

1. President Mary Coulter addresses our 70 guests

2. Judy Lansing and Lois Chapman enjoy our luncheon.

3. Long time members Ruth Halbert and Doreen Sacerty.

4. Mae Burnside and Joan Brailey welcome friends.

5.Wilma Young with our guest speaker Steven Brown

6, Some of our guests and Ruth halbert and Bev House.

7, Linda Bechard and Marjorie Speers.

8. Our beautiful luncheon table.

It was a wonderful celebration of 110 years on June 6th 2012 at the Town of Mono Community Centre.

In 2013 Camilla WI Joined with Hockley Valley WI to become Camilla-Hockley Valley WI with hope for a prosperous successful future.

Patricia A. Hodgins