Malcolm WI


Bruce County


Meeting Times: Evening

Main Focus:

Education of our members and sometimes the community, through programs, speakers and tours. Presentation of elementary and high school graduation awards.

Additional Interest:

We have 10 monthly meetings providing opportunities for education, socialization and fellowship. We participate in the Roots of Bruce program, Grey-Bruce Farmers’ Week, and Elmwood Fun Fair. We support the Chesley District High School Agriculture High Skills Major program, Chesley and Walkerton Fall Fairs, Paisley Heritage Fair, and Erland Lee Museum Home. We maintain the Malcolm Cairn site.

Branch Secretary: Denise McCready

Phone: 519-363-3269

Branch Members:

Lois Ahrens
Annie Alles
Jean Atton
Ruth Engel
Marian Jacklin
Barb Klages
Elaine Lang
Marion Leifso
Marg McCready
Marjorie Monk
Grace Osterndorff
Dianne Parker
Carol Prues
Grace Wilkins
Joan Wilhelm