Palmyra WI




Main Focus:

Our main focus for the last several years has been filling Comfy Sacks for Children’s Services.  Children’s Services give us a list of items for the sacks and we sew the bags and fill them with the necessary items.  We feel this is a very worthwile cause and it gives the children who are taken from their homes something to call their own.

Additional Interest:

We are a very active Branch and take part in the Highgate Fair which is held every September.  We enter a project in the Group Theme Display and for the last two years have sponsored a Spelling Bee which seems to be gaining in popularity at the Fair.  We send cards to shut ins in our area.  We send a delegate to District and Area meetings and several of our members are involved at District and Area levels. 

Branch Secretary: Cathy Budd

Phone: 519-674-3545

Branch Officers:

President - Martha Gammage
Past President - Shirley Ashton
Vice President - Hannie Vanderzanden
Secretary - Cathy Budd
Treasurer - Shirley Ashton
District Director - Annie Nuttall
Tweedsmuir Co-ordinator - Jeanne Gillard
Lobbying Co-ordinator - Cathy Budd
Good Cheer - Linda Osborne
Public Relations - Jeanne Gillard
Program Co-ordinator - Martha Gammage
Pianist - Margaret Eberle
Song Leader - Kay Quinton
Branch Directors -Hannie Vanderzanden, Jose VanLeeuwen
Auditors - Hannie Vanderzanden, Cathy Budd

Branch Members:

Joan Alvarez
Shirley Ashton
Cathy Budd
Ann Burns
Margaret Eberle
Martha Gammage
Jeanne Gillard
Jackie Jackson
Quinta Jones
Linda Osborne
Kay Quinton
Hannie VanderZanden
Branch Honourary Members:
Florence Humble, Mary McGuire