Glengarry District ROSE Session

Dec 6, 2011

Glengarry District (Eastern Area), which is comprised of Bainsville WI and Picnic Grove WI, held a ROSE Session in November with involvement from the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Guest speakers represented the 3 sides of the “triangle” that cares for the mental health issues of patients.  The first speaker was a professional who discussed various programs that are available.  Some of the areas she touched upon were counseling, funding, job placements and training. 

Many questions were asked by the audience of 33, which included 28 WI Members and 5 guests. 

A person diagnosed with mental illness spoke of her experiences and progress.  The third point on the triangle was that of a family member who cared for her loved one on a 24/7 basis.  She spoke of programs available for caregivers and where to contact them.

There were 100 volunteer hours devoted to this ROSE Session, with advertising being done through posters, newspaper, and word of mouth.  Well done, Glengarry District!