Help End Child Trafficking

Jul 8, 2021

Did you know that over 90% of Canada’s trafficking victims come from within Canada’s borders?

FWIO Members are invited to join the ProjectMapleLeaf movement to share a unifying message that Canadians want to “end the buying and selling of girls and boys, in Canada (Globally)”.

When you #AddYourVoice #HoldOurSign, together we tell others it is a priority to #ProtectChildren.

It starts with a simple message, a sign, your participation, and social media.


  1. Print out the sign below.
  2. Create a video or take a photo on your device in landscape/horizontally and hold up the sign. (You can take your photo or video with your fellow WI Members, your family, or individually).
  3. Say or add the following: “I_____ (insert name) want to end the buying and selling of Girls and Boys, children in Canada. I add my voice and hold the sign and challenge five people to join me.” (Name the people you are challenging and tag their social media addresses in your posts).
  4. Use the following hashtags: #EradicateChallenge #CourageForFreedom #ProjectMapleLeaf #EndChildTrafficking #ProtectChildren #StopExploitation.
  5. Be sure to post again on your social media on July 30th (United Nations World Day Against Trafficking of Persons) for the #EradicateChallenge celebration.

Here is an instructional video on how to participate in the challenge:

Thank you for your support!

Download the sign in your preferred format:



Ontario Acts to Protect Students from Sex Trafficking – July 6, 2021