How to Make Your Gift Wrapping Eco-Friendly

Nov 30, 2021

Gifts Wrapped in Brown PaperThe holiday season is quickly approaching, and many of us are starting to plan our shopping lists! But have you thought about your gift-wrapping yet? Fancy paper, ribbons, and tape create a lot of waste, and can be damaging to the environment as well! Check out our tips below for making your gift-wrapping eco-friendly this holiday season!

  1. Use recyclable wrapping paper. Most wrapping papers are not recyclable, due to the glitter, foil, plastic, and other components they often contain. Try a recyclable alternative, such as brown Kraft paper. You can leave it plain, or make it festive with paint or markers!
  2. Use biodegradable and recyclable tape and gift tags. Many stores now sell biodegradable paper tape, and you can use paper tags as well instead of adhesive tags!
  3. Instead of ribbons, try using a biodegradable and compostable twine made of natural fibres. If you still want to use ribbon, try re-using it for multiple years so that it gets as much use as possible!
  4. If you want to incorporate some decorative elements into your wrapping, try natural elements like pinecones or sprigs of holly. These can be safely composted after the gifts have been opened. You can also dry natural elements so they can be used from year to year, such as dried orange slices or cinnamon sticks. They not only look pretty; they will make your gifts smell great too!
  5. If you still want to use fancy paper items, try using gift bags that can be re-used for many years. You can also purchase decorative boxes that can be used for many years as well! In addition, try saving any tissue paper so it can be re-used in the future too!

We hope you enjoyed these tips! Do you have any eco-friendly wrapping ideas? We’d love to hear them!