How to Support Local this Holiday Season

Nov 23, 2021

Where are you planning to shop this holiday season? Why not see what’s available in your area? So many of our local business owners could use your support! Check out some of our ideas for shopping local below!

  1. Check out small stores in your area. Candle stores, tea and coffee shops, local gift shops or art studios – there are sure to be options, wherever you live! You could even make your own gift baskets of items from local shops and markets!
  2. Look into farm shops in your area. Farm shops carry many items that make great gifts! They also typically sell items they produce, such as honey, maple syrup, jams and preserves, lavender sachets, wool items, and many more!
  3. Go to local art and craft shows. These are great places to find one-of-a-kind artisan and handmade gifts! Think pottery shows, art shows, textile shows – there is so much to explore. Many towns also have special holiday shows or markets, where all kinds of artists and makers come together for the holiday season!
  4. Buy gift cards for local businesses. Your local bookshop, local spa, or local restaurants are great options for these! Who doesn’t love a spa day or a nice dinner out? It’s also great to know that you’re supporting people in your community!
  5. Check out local shops on Etsy. If you’ve never shopped on Etsy before, it’s a website for people from all over the world to sell their handmade goods, artwork, etc. You can narrow your search on their website to within Canada, and find shops in your area. Many Etsy sellers will offer free shipping or free pickup to buyers in their area as well!

We hope you enjoyed these suggestions! Are you planning to shop local this holiday season? We’d love to hear your ideas!