Howick WI ROSE Session

Oct 25, 2013

Pictured: Ellen Schmalz led this practical ROSE Session, hosted by Howick WI.

Members of Howick WI (Guelph Area) hosted an evening of MEALS MADE EASY at the Howick Community Centre on May 3, 2013.  The evening began with a social hour and refreshments provided by the Branch.  Ellen Schmalz from Mildmay demonstrated how to put together several dishes with meats prepared ahead of time, by cooking the meat and freezing it – usually hamburger.  Herbs and spices make a tasty alternative to salt in foods.  They also enhance the taste of meat and vegetables.  Ellen also prepared a quick salad which was won by a member of the audience, as were other foods she prepared with the “quick and easy” method.  Several ladies went home very happy with their ready-to-heat-and-serve meals.  The table centerpieces were various plants from the Listowel Greenhouse and ROSE Coordinator, Ria Stewart, drew the winning names.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this ROSE Session and all the shared recipes for making a quick and easy meal!