FWIO Receives Library and Archives Canada Funding to Preserve Historical Documents

Jun 2, 2017

The Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario (FWIO) are pleased to announce funding from Library and Archives Canada through their Documentary Heritage Communities Program.

Tweedsmuir Community History Collections

FWIO has been preserving, digitizing and making accessible its many Tweedsmuir Community History Collections (commonly called Tweedsmuirs) and record books found across Ontario. The first phase, which ended March 31, 2016, provided a searchable website featuring items already digitized, and the digitization of further documents.

This new funding of $100,000/year over three years will help FWIO digitize additional Tweedsmuir collections and other records books which will be added to the Virtual Archives.

This three-year phase will:

  1. Continue to digitize more of the remaining Tweedsmuir collections and records books across Ontario and make them available to the public. There have been approximately 2,000 Women’s Institute (WI) Branches through the years across rural Ontario. Besides minute and record books, it is estimated there are 1,300 Tweedsmuir collections that have been created, with about 1,000 collections not yet digitized.
  2. Inspect and repair, as required, the documents being digitized.
  3. Link to WI documents that are already available on other websites.
  4. Commemorate the 120th anniversary of the WI movement in 2017 by creating a virtual exhibit and library, documenting the many halls, community buildings, monuments, cairns, etc. created by WI Members as part of community service.

Besides having the original documents remain locally, researchers across Ontario, Canada, and the world will be able to access the Tweedsmuirs and other historical documents and information to learn about our rich communities, conduct family research, and discover the wonderful work that has been created by WI Members.

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We gratefully acknowledge the Government of Canada’s support, through the Documentary Heritage Communities Program of Library and Archives Canada.