How to Start a Little Library in Your Community

Jun 29, 2021

It’s summertime, and at this time of year, there’s nothing better than enjoying the sun with a cold drink and a good book to read! Have you ever thought of starting a Little Free Library in your community? It’s a great non-profit program that connects community members through reading and sharing their favourite books! Read on to learn how you can get started!

Decide who will be responsible for maintaining the library. This could be one person or a group of people, such as your WI Branch!

Figure out where the little library will be located. It should be in an area where people often walk by, such as on a main street or near a popular park.

Decide how much you want to spend on building your library. It doesn’t have to be expensive! You could even start by re-purposing some furniture you already have, such as a small cabinet that you no longer use. You can also start a fundraiser to help buy supplies!

Build your library! You can purchase a library box from Little Free Library, or build one yourself! Check out their tips for library builders at the following link: This is also a great way to get other groups involved – for example, students from a woodworking class, or a group of local carpenters!

Register your library with Little Free Library! You will have to purchase a Charter sign to put on your library from the Little Free Library organization for it to be registered. Find out more at this link: Once your library is registered, you can also add it to the Little Free Library world map so that anyone can find your library!

Now for the fun part…fill it with books! They don’t have to be brand-new. See what books you have at home that someone else might enjoy reading!

Promote your library! You can do this by partnering with local neighbourhood associations, schools, or other associations in your area. You can also notify your local paper or media organization, and promote it on your Branch’s facebook page!

Happy reading! We hope you find some new favourites this summer!

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By Kate at FWIO