Russell Village WI

Dec 12, 2012

There is nothing better than a summer excursion with the ladies you volunteer with! Our trips together are honestly something I look forward to each summer.  It builds friendships on a different level than just volunteering, work and meetings…on a more personal level.

This year was no exception! We headed off to Rideau Rambling Nursery in Merrickville and after sharing greetings, treats and drinks with the founders and owners, Dave Dunn and Rob Caron, we headed off for a tour of their facilities. As their name indicates, Rideau Rambling’s 7 acres is more than a nursery and more of a wildlife finished trail that you can experience what your plantings will look like after a year or two. There are some creative displays as well. A walk in nature with friends! Ahhhh! 

And, of course, we had to head into Merrickville to visit the shops, buy some new treasures, view the busy river boat locks and museum and have a wonderful lunch! 

Friendships build a strong team and create great memories to draw on in busy times! Isn’t that one of the foundations of a strong branch of WI!! 

Jean Williams, PRO, Russell Village WI