How to Create a Peaceful Sanctuary Garden

Jun 15, 2021

It’s finally June and you’ve planted your flowers, but now you might be wondering – what next? Maybe you feel like your backyard or garden is missing that special touch, or you’d love to turn your green space into a quiet, peaceful sanctuary. If you’ve always dreamt of having your very own Secret Garden, read on to learn our tips for creating your perfect garden space!

Add a water feature. Water, especially the sound of bubbling or running water, is very relaxing for many of us. Try adding a small fountain, bird bath, or quiet pool to your garden design.

Sounds are important for relaxation. In addition to water sounds, try adding some beautiful wind chimes to your garden. There are so many options available, from hand-carved wooden or bamboo chimes to traditional metal chimes. Choose the sound that you like best!

Create some privacy where possible. Whether this is adding a fence, garden wall, or a simple screen or trellis, try to create an area that feels like it’s just for you.

Add relaxing scents. Even if your garden is small or you only have a balcony, adding fragrant herbs such as lavender, or flowers that you love to smell can be a great way to help you unwind.

Choose plants that attract birds and butterflies. There are so many wonderful native plant species in Ontario that will help attract pollinators to your garden. To learn more about creating a pollinator-friendly garden, check out this article. If you’d like to learn more about native plants in Ontario, check out this article.

Incorporate some edible plants into your outdoor space. These can be planted in your garden or in containers. Herbs are a great choice, or you can try growing something fun and tasty like wild strawberries!

Add some art! It can really give your space a personal touch. From garden sculptures to cute signs, decorative pieces to hang on your fence, or even faces to add to your trees, there are so many fun and creative options!

Choose your outdoor furniture wisely. Comfort is key! You won’t want to spend time in your garden if the furniture is uncomfortable. Also make sure it matches the theme you are going for. Whether it’s whimsical metal or wrought-iron furniture, rustic wicker furniture, or a classic pair of Muskoka chairs, the choice is yours!

Have multiple seating areas. Instead of having a single seating area, you can also try placing furniture in different areas of the garden where you might like to spend a quiet moment. For example, you could place a small bench under a big shady tree, or an outdoor swing in a quiet corner. See what works for you, and get creative!

We hope some of these tips have inspired you to experiment with your own outdoor space! What are your tips for creating a peaceful, relaxing garden? We’d love to hear from you!

By Kate at FWIO