• 1957 - 1976 - 1987 - To ban alcohol and cigarette ads on TV and radio.

  • 1964 – To have all souvenirs of Canada be Canadian-made.

  • 1980 – To have Canadian products marked “Product of Canada”.


  • 2003 - To urge the Federal Government to ban the trade of all animals, feed and other products of animal origin from countries where Bovine Spongiform Encaphalothapy (BSE) has been found within the last 12 months.

  • 2004 - That the Federal Government be urged to immediately look into the huge discrepancy between what the farmer presently realizes for the price of beef and what the consumer pays in the retail store.

  • 2004 - That the Federal and Provincial Governments be urged to open the borders to Canadian beef, dairy and all agricultural commodities and return to pre-BSE trade practices.

  • 2004 - That the Federal and Provincial Governments realize the dire situation of farmers and look for ways to expand processing capacity so as to deal with the escalating numbers of cattle.

  • 2010 – 2013 - Started four years of support to keep small abattoirs operating and having rules for operating changed but always keeping safety as the most important factor.

  • 2012 – 2013 - Resolution to encourage and develop the Chicken Industry in the North.


  • 1985 - Step up the campaign for tighter control and public awareness, especially in schools and universities, as to the harmful effects of alcohol. Response: much is being done.

  • 1985 – That a substantial portion of the profits from liquor licenses and taxes on alcoholic beverages be set aside to be used explicitly for the care and rehabilitation of alcoholic victims in treatment and detox centres in Ontario. Response: Government is doing this!


  • 1975 - That the Ontario Government refrain from forcibly integrating agricultural areas with urban areas in a Regional Government

Birth Certificates

  • 1958 - 1963 - That all babies automatically get a birth certificate.

Breathalyser Tests

  • 1962 - To make mandatory the use of a breathalyser and blood tests to determine sobriety. Response: became law in 1969.

Brock University

  • 1957 - Resolution about need in area.

  • 1963 - Brock University was founded.

Cleaning Products

  • 1957 – That there be a list of antidotes and instructions on all products containing toxic ingredients.

  • 1962 - To have liquid cleaning detergents labeled as poison.

  • 1964 – To have containers marked more vividly to warn workers of toxic contents.

  • 1971 – To ban or control the amount of phosphates in laundry detergents.

Daylight Savings Time

  • 1959 – A request to have the government set fixed dates for the province for Daylight Savings Time.


  • 1972 – To encourage and support driver education in all secondary schools.

  • 1983 – To provide effective education programs to make the public, especially youth, aware of marijuana's potential hazards.

  • 2003 – To urge the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Family Affairs to ensure that Home Economics courses, both practical and theoretical, are a mandatory component of the Ontario school curriculum - the point was brought up that some of these aspects were being taught in phys. ed. and parenting courses, and that there was no room for another compulsory course. The suggestion was made that perhaps Home Economics could be adapted to the Elementary curriculum (proposed in 1998). 

  • 2003 – To urge the Federal Government to provide Home Economics and Family Life Skills through sponsored education to the brightest youth in countries of the developing world, in order that they may return home and educate others. 

  • 2003 – To set in place public education on the dangers of using Chromated Copper Arsenate (CAA) pressure treated wood, and to list safe sealing methods and environmentally friendly alternatives. 

  • 2003 – To redress the significant under-funding of the 2003/2004 budget submission from the Association of Applied Arts and Technology of Ontario, and annually review and adjust the current post-secondary per pupil funding formula. 

  • 2005 – To encourage the establishment and funding of character education.

  • 2013, 2014, 2016 – Seeking support for A Mandatory Lifestyles Program in our Schools.


  • 1970 – 1992 - To prohibit sale of non-returnable bottles, and to discourage manufacturing of the same, to make all pop and alcoholic beverage containers refundable and to have liquor and wine bottles subject to a refundable deposit.

  • 1998 - To request that the Canadian Government live up to commitments made in 1992 and again in 1997 to reduce to the 1990 level at least by the year 2000 our country's emissions of greenhouse gases and to encourage provincial governments, industry, commerce and private citizens by means of incentives to help us reach that goal. 

  • 2003 - To ask several Ministries to act together to ban the use of plastic grocery bags in stages: a limit of 2 bags per customer in 2005, and a complete ban in 2006. 

  • 2004 - That several ministries be asked to work together to ban the use of plastic grocery bags in stages: a limit of two new bags per customer in 2005, and a complete ban in 2006.

  • 2005 - To urge the Government of Ontario to enact legislation to make all urban centers accountable for their sewage treatment and that they not be allowed to release untreated sewage into any waterway.

  • 2013 – 2014 - Ask that Balloons not be used in Canada Day Celebrations or other big events.


  • 1953 – To label fabrics such that consumers will know the proper treatment of each material.

  • 1954 - That manufacturers of sheets and pillowcases be required to state the thread count on a label.

  • 1957 – To label fabrics as to washable or dry-cleanable qualities.

  • 1960 – To ask manufacturers of dresses, blouses etc. to use horizontal buttonholes.

  • 1973 – To have permanent care label firmly attached by word or symbol.


  • That all milk be pasteurized (a resolution originating with Adelaide Hoodless).

  • 1952 - 1975 - That staples be removed from all food packages.

  • 1954 – To stop the wrapping of bacon in red striped packages to make bacon appear leaner.

  • 1954 - To investigate the wide spread in prices between producer and consumer for meat and eggs (proposed again in 2004).

  • 1956 – To discontinue glassware and other articles in cereal that could pose a hazard to children.

  • 1957 – To conduct a regular investigation of all restaurants and lunch counters to check on health of employers and employees.

  • 1959 – That all manufacturers of shortening and margarine have type of fat or oil plainly printed on the products.

  • 1972 – The mention of an earlier resolution that bread should be wrapped.

  • 1981 – To discourage junk food in school cafeterias and promote nutritional foods.

  • 1991 – A law was passed requiring all irradiated food sold in Canada be identified as such.

  • 1992 - To have "Best Before Date" on all food products and have it more visible.

  • 2002 - That the Minister of Health and the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs be strongly urged to request a thorough study and set limits as to the amount of brine solution allowed in meat products. 

  • 2003 - To enact a legislation that will ensure that all research into enhanced food products will be done at arm's length from the government, producer or manufacturer, and all results fully published in a timely fashion, in order for consumers to make an informed, educated choice when buying food products.

  • 2004 - That the Federal Government enact legislation to make the labelling of all Genetically Modified Food mandatory.

  • 2010 – Supported the Premier’s decision to appeal the Raw Milk court decision; court was going to allow the sale of raw milk.

  • 2011 – Supported FWIC’s Resolution on the dangers of high amounts of sodium (salt) in our food.

  • 2012 – 2013 - Stop the sale of Raw Milk.

  • 2013 – 2014 - Concern for content on food labels.


  • 1998 - To request that the Canadian Medical Association and the Federal Minister of Health adopt the position of eradicating pediatric lead toxicity, its sources and its effects on behaviour and learning, with the eventual goal of nationwide screening of children at school entry level. 

  • 1998 - That the Ontario Minister of Health adopt a procedure whereby the Ontario Health Card is electronically imprinted upon a medical receipt that must outline all health procedures and related costs to the patient and related persons. 

  • 2001 - To urge the government to remove the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from feminine protection products. 

  • 2003 - That the Federal Government enact legislation that will ensure that adequate resources provide local access to HIV/AIDS counseling and that health and welfare facilities are provided to all persons, including those living in rural areas. 

  • 2003 - To urge the Federal Government to provide financial support to Canadian scientists researching the diagnosis, treatment and/or prevention of mosquito-borne diseases - shortly after, funding was given to prevent West Nile disease. 

  • 2003 - To develop a permanent funding mechanism to employ Nurse Practitioners to work with Doctors, as Nurse Practitioners could meet many of the primary health needs of communities, with a focus on health promotion and disease prevention, thus improving the delivery of medical services. 

  • 2004 - That the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care be urged to:

    • a) immediately increase the funding allocation for Raw Food Costs to $5.75 per resident per day, and

    • b) provide an enhanced rate for northern and other remote communities to compensate forincreased Raw Food Costs due to transportation, and

    • c) review funding for food costs on an annual basisto accommodate the cost of living index in Ontario Long Term Care Facilities.

  • 2004 - That the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care be urged to provide sufficient funding so the Community Health Service can fulfill more closely the health care of each community.

  • 2005 - To urge the Government of Canada to implement the recommendations of the Patient Safety Review Committee (i.e. information gained as a result of Coroners' investigations) in order to improve patient care.

  • 2005 - To urge the Federal Government to enact legislation to make the reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions mandatory.

  • 2010 – Asked that proposed changes to generic drug costs be halted.

  • 2011 – FWIO strongly recommended the reassessment of the values of the use of the drug, Herceptin in very early stages of Cancer.

  • 2016 – That the Government of Canada form a coalition to initiate a federal framework in which to create comprehensive measures dealing with the diagnosis and the significant health issues caused by Lyme Disease.

Highways & Roads

  • 1960 – To have reduced speed limits near schools and to provide crosswalks.

  • 1971 –To complete a study of light - that reflective and long wearing paint or other methods of imbedded markers be used on the centre lines of highways.

  • 1985 - That all blacktop roads have centre line marked – answer: not all asphalt takes the paint.

  • 2000 - That the Government of Ontario enact legislation to enforce stiff penalties and higher fines for speeders and aggressive drivers. 

  • 2000 - To reinstate helicopter patrol of major highways, especially the 400 series highways.

International Peace Gardens

  • 1932 – To be dedicated on July 14, 1932.

  • 1953 – The government was asked to increase their share of the funding.

Law & Justice

  • 1967 – 1972 - That law be changed so the property owner is not liable for trespassers on his property, and if damage is done that the trespasser or traveller is responsible.

  • 1992 - To have 14 to 17 year-olds tried in adult court.

  • 2003 - To enact a legislation to make the Justice System more efficient and accountable so that, regardless of one's financial position, justice is equally attainable by all individuals. 

  • 2003 - To act as quickly as possible to exonerate Stephan Truscott to ensure that justice may be restored to Mr. Truscott.

Long-Term Care/Nursing Homes

  • 1959 – To ask the Ontario government to have all nursing homes licensed and inspected at unannounced intervals.

  • 1962 – To ask government to extend OHIP to cover designated, certified nursing homes.

  • 2016 – That criminal conviction records of applicants to long-term care homes as residents be accessible to administrators, and that long-term care homes have the right to refuse admittance to convicted felons within the home. 

Other Resolutions

  • 1903 – MacDonald Institute was founded.

  • 1954 – To ban the sale of stuffed toys consisting of sharp pins and glass for eyes.

  • 1954 – 1970 - To eliminate succession duties on estates passing to spouse.

  • 1955 – 1959 - To make it compulsory to show proof of public liability insurance before being granted a vehicle licence.

  • 1983 – To have all assistive devices covered by OHIP.

  • 1984 – To provide funding for provision and upkeep of shelters for battered women.

  • 1986 – To pass a legislation requiring minimum standards for print size and legibility in or on packages, with letters not less than 1.6mm or 1/16'' in height (a resolution appearing again in 2004).

  • 1986 – To formulate a service that may be used at all levels to honour and pay tribute to a deceased member.

  • 1991 – Living wills are now law– you can refuse life, sustaining treatment.

  • 1992 – To have short-term child care costs as employment expenses for stay-at-home parents who are farming.

  • 1992 – To recognize work done by stay-at-home parents and allow tax credit.

  • 1996 – That sentences imposed on dangerous criminals be served in full.

  • 1998 – To continue efforts to ban the production, sale and use of land mines.

  • 1999 – To grant surviving members of Merchant Marines monetary compensation for benefits denied.

  • To request that both the federal and provincial governments enact laws that include as the norm shared parenting or joint custody. 

  • June, 2003 – Adelaide Hoodless stamp issued.

  • 2003 – To stop the desecration of our cemeteries and to make it illegal to redevelop in these areas.

  • 2003 – To enact legislation to amend the Gaming Control Act 1992 so as to allow volunteer organizations to conduct raffles and draws that net an annual income of up to $5000.00 to fall under a separate set of guidelines. 

  • 2003 – To call for public accountability of genetic engineering, and to urge the UN to immediately form an International Committee whose sole purpose would be to determine the risks, consequences and impacts of genetically modified seeds, plants, food, soil, animals and human beings, and to set forth policy recommendations to address genetic engineering as a worldwide ethical, political, social and economic issue. 

  • 2003 – To recognize the financial value of full-time work done in the home, and to guarantee equality between work done outside the home and work done in the home of caring for the young, disabled and elderly (pension rights, etc.)

  • 2004 – That the Government of Ontario & Government of Canada enact legislation to the effect that print size and colour on consumer prodcts must be changed in order to increase legibility.

  • 2005 – To urge the Federal Government to compensate stay-at-home parents in the form of a tax rebate equal to the government subsidized day care.

  • 2011 – Letter writing campaign against rising hydro costs.

  • 2012 – 2013 - Resolution to supply Financial Support for men or women who enter the College of Veterinarian Training with an agreement to practise as a Large Animal Veterinarian in the rural areas of the north.

  • 2016 – FWIO supports having February 19, Women's Institute Day, recognized on all calendars. This is ongoing and Branches are encouraged to write letters in support.

  • 2017 – That grandparents have the right to access financial aid when raising grandchildren in their homes.

  • 2017 – Letter writing campaign against rising hydro costs.

Pornography & Violence

  • 1996 – To oppose obscenity on TV and radio.

  • 1998 – To impose severe sentences for adults engaged in any form of pornographic behaviour with those under the age of 18.

  • 1998 – To investigate ways to protect children from sex and violence on the Internet and to promote use of parental blockers.

  • 2003 - To immediately implement the 58 recommendations of the inquest jury of Gillian and Ralph Hedley (Feb. 2002) concerning domestic violence.

    Many resolutions on limiting or banning TV programs with pornography and violence, especially during the early evening hours, and especially those that degrade women and children.


  • 1958 - 1975 – A law requiring that all railway cars be marked on the sides with fluorescent strips or paint to reflect auto headlights - response in 1975 said it was being implemented.

  • 1959 - To study and remedy inadequate posting of rural railroad crossings.


  • 1970 – To require roll bars and safety belts on new tractors, and to make compulsory luminous clothing to be worn by traffic officers and construction workers working on roads after dark.

  • 2005 - To request the Provincial and Federal Departments of Transport to enact legislation to make it compulsory to have convex mirrors on all vehicles larger than a car.

  • 2013 – 2014 - Resolution to have HID (high density headlights) installed by kits band.

School Buses

  • 1958 – 1974 – That it be mandatory that traffic stop in both directions when children are entering or alighting from a school bus.

  • 1959 - That pupils cross the road in front of a school bus.

  • 1974 - That there be no passing until the flashing lights are turned off.

  • 1998 - That safety bars on the front of school buses be mandatory.

Sex Offenses

  • 1955 - That sentences of all persons convicted of sex offences be indeterminate and their release be dependent on their willingness to undergo psychiatric treatment until they are proven fit to take their place in society.

  • 1960 - That there be hospitalization for sex offenders and a 2-year probation after release.

  • 2002 - To strongly urge the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General to change the age of consent to sexual activity to at least 16 years. 

  • 2003 - To urge the Federal Government to take appropriate measures to address the root factors that encourage the trafficking of women and children for prostitution and other forms of commercialized sex, forced marriages and/or forced labour in order to eliminate these practices.

  • 2004 - That the Federal Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General of Canada be strongly urged to change the age of consent to sexual activity from 14 years to at least 16 years.


  • 1975 – Several resolutions asking Canada to refrain from selling Canada's water rights.

  • 2000 – To urge the Government of Ontario and the Minister of Environment to immediately stop granting and/or renewing permits allowing companies and individuals to take natural source water for bottling or export until thorough study has been done as to the consequences of removing large amounts of natural source water. 

  • 2004 – That the Province of Ontario reassess the impact associated with regulations of the Safe Drinking Water Act on rural communities.

  • 2011 – Supported FWIC’s Resolution that all levels of Government enact legislation to protect our water now and in the future.

  • 2017 – That the increase in water bottling fees be put in a dedicated fund for water and environment protection and for municipalities whose roads are used for the transportation of the water taking.

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