Life Member

Life Membership: Granted to an active Branch Member in good standing who has completed twenty-five (25) years of membership in FWIO, including Junior WI.  An honour status for a Member who has shown herself to be an outstanding volunteer in her Branch, going above and beyond the normal expectations of a Member. A Life Member receives a certificate & badge, which indicates to other Members the status recognition she has received from her Branch*.  They must be a Branch Member to receive this status award and are entitled to receive the same as a Branch Member:

  • Provincial newsletter (2 issues per year)
  • Membership voting card
  • Voting rights
  • Right to hold office at any level
  • Membership with FWIO, FWIC

Annual Fee: $50.00

For the following, District and Area fees may apply:

  • Voting rights at District & Area levels
  • Right to hold office at District & Area levels
  • May attend special events

*To award someone with a Life Membership, Branches may complete an application form and send the appropriate payment to the FWIO Provincial Office. Please note that the cost is on top of the individual’s annual membership fee.

Branch Life Membership Application Form (PDF)