WI 125th Anniversary Quilt Challenge

There will be three different quilt challenges as part of the 125th Anniversary celebration! All quilt challenges will use the pattern and/or colours from the Home & Country Rose quilt block pattern designed by Marilyn Edmonds of Brighton, Ontario. The block features the traditional blue and gold WI colours, with pink representing the WI ROSE Program, and a green vine joining everything together as the sign for life.

The Home & Country Rose pattern was presented at a workshop at the WI Quilt Show in Toronto in September 2005. Marilyn Edmonds has agreed to allow FWIO to use the pattern for creating quilts to benefit this organization, in order to celebrate our anniversary in 2022. SAID QUILTS MAY NOT BE SOLD FOR PERSONAL GAIN.

The quilt challenges are open to all WI members and other interested community members! All entries will be judged by a Certified Quilt Judge. Each quilt challenge has its own specific form, which must be filled out to enter each Quilt Challenge. Each entry requires a separate entry/liability form.

All forms for all three quilt challenges, as well as the Home & Country Rose quilt block pattern, are available on the FWIO website (see below). They will also be available by request by contacting the office at: fwio@fwio.on.ca.

Please note: photographs of all quilted items may be used on FWIO’s social media platforms to promote WI in Ontario.

WI 125 Quilt Challenge Poster_Version 2_cropped2