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The Federated Women's Institutes of Ontario (FWIO), a member of the Federated Women's Institutes of Canada (FWIC), support the resolution of the Codrington WI and ask that the Government of Canada assist Provincial and Territorial Governments across Canada to develop and put in place a mandatory lifestyle program which will teach all Canadian Secondary School Students Food Literacy, Cooking Skills, Human Nutrition and other wellness practices which will contribute to a healthy modern society.

Water Bottling Fees

At the November 2016 Provincial Board Meeting:

FWIC forwarded their resolution to pressure the Government of Canada to form a coalition to institute a Federal framework in which to create comprehensive measures dealing with the diagnosis and the significant health issues caused by Lyme Disease. FWIO wrote a letter of support for this Resolution.
FWIO wrote a letter in support of the Virgil Women’s Institute’s resolution on Elder Abuse, Sexual Abuse in Long Term Care Facilities by Convicted Criminals.
FWIO supports having Women’s Institute Day marked on all calendars on February 19 – this is ongoing and Branches are encouraged to write letters in support.

Issue: The illegal use of High Density Discharge Headlamps (HID) and the danger associated with the use of them on our Roadways


  1. The Ontario Highway Traffic Act states only white or amber lights may be used on the front of a motor vehicle
  2. There are high density discharge conversion kits that fail to meet the Canadian Motor Vehicle Standards Act
  3. It is not illegal for Auto Shops to sell the bright headlight bulbs. What is illegal is their use on city streets and highways
  4. The glare from the HID bulbs is dangerous for drivers on the road
  5. FWIO supports the Renfrew South District’s Statement re HID headlamps
  6. LRC Press Release at the Lighting Research Center is asking for further study.

Resolved that the Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario request the Minister of Transportation to disallow the sale of HID headlamp kits and further enforce the installation of these HID headlamps under the regulation of the Canadian Motor Vehicle Act.


  1. Grant money is given for celebrations that include the purchase and releasing of balloons
  2. The large number of balloons released across the Country in celebration of Canada Day
  3. These return to the earth as litter
  4. The pieces of balloon are eaten by marine and terrestrial animals causing death
  5. The releasing of butterflies, bees, bats or birds would help the environment
  6. The Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario strongly support the Resolution put forth by the Kemble Women’s Institute and include a copy as well as their back up material

Resolved that the Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario request the Minister of Canadian Heritage and the Minister of the Environment to support only environmentally friendly projects for Celebrations like Canada Day and in particular Canada 150.

Response from the Minister of Canadian Heritage
July 2, 2014:

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Resolved that the Ontario Ministry of Education develop a Lifestyle Program which will teach all Ontario students cooking skills, human nutrition and other wellness practices which will contribute to a healthy modern society.

If you require assistance in writing a letter of support for this Resolution, please contact FWIO.

Response from the Premier of Ontario
July 26, 2013:
Response from the Minister of Education
August 23, 2013:
Other responses through FWIO's letter writing campaign
Response from the Ministry of Education
August 8, 2013:

Issue: The lack of veterinarians licensed to care for large animals in rural areas of Northern Ontario
Resolved that the Federated Women's Institutes of Ontario request the Government of Ontario to supply financial support for men or women who enter the College of Veterinarian Training with an agreement to practise as Large Animal Veterinarians in the rural areas of the north for a certain number of years.
Response from the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines - April 16, 2013:

Issue: Locally produced and processed chickens

In Northwestern Ontario there is no processing facility for poultry and no quota. This means no local poultry is available. The current small-flock population is insufficient to support a regional freestanding poultry abattoir. The Provincial Government promotes “buy local, eat local,” but this can’t be done with the chicken industry as it is now.

Resolved that FWIO request the Government of Ontario and the Chicken Farmers of Ontario to support and encourage the development of the Chicken Industry in the Northern Areas of this Province.

Response from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food - April 9, 2013:

115 Years Later and the Issue is Still the Same
Women’s Institute Members across Ontario
Still Speak Out Against the Consumption of Raw Milk
Recent news reports of illness linked to the consumption of raw milk prompted the Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario to remind Canadians that raw milk increases the risk of contracting a serious food borne disease such as E coli. Since 1991 raw milk sales have been strictly prohibited under the Food & Drug Regulations.
Consuming unpasteurized milk has been an important issue throughout the history of the Women’s Institute. Co-founder Adelaide Hunter Hoodless was behind the drive to pasteurize milk after her 18 month old son died in 1896 from drinking raw milk that was contaminated with the Tuberculosis bacterium.
Unfortunately, the debate over the safety of raw milk still exists in 2012.
The mandated pasteurization of milk since 1938 has resulted in a significant decrease in illnesses and deaths which were attributed to raw milk consumption before that. Farming methods have improved greatly yet 4% of Ontario’s raw milk continues to carry pathogens.
A person who drinks raw milk can act as a carrier for the pathogenic bacteria within. Health Canada routinely issues an advisory every year warning consumers about the possible perils of drinking raw milk. The most susceptible to these diseases include the young children, the elderly and pregnant women who could miscarry as a result of the infection.
Dr. McQuigge in 2007 stated, “Unpasteurized milk is one of the most dangerous sources of food borne diseases known to Man Kind”.
An interesting fact, the only raw milk product that is legal in Ontario is hard cheese that has been aged for 60 days or more.
Check this information at Health Canada
or Canadian Food Inspection Agency
The FWIO continues to demand the continuation of the pasteurization of milk.
If you would like to help in circulating this Press Release to local media, please download a PDF copy here.

Support Ongoing FWIO Advocacy on Small Abattoirs

Members of the Malcolm WI have been active in voicing their concerns to the provincial and municipal levels of government about the closure of small abattoirs.

Help raise awareness about this issue and engage your community by copying this letter (adding your name at the bottom of it) and sending it off to your local press!

FWIO Letter RE: Small Abattoirs (PDF)


ADVOCATE - With the support of local papers voicing the concerns of local citizens we will get the word out loud and clear!

To find out how to support the movement or to get involved, contact FWIO.