Traditional Skills & Practices

Women's Institute Members hold a wealth of knowledge when it comes to those "lost skills" and practices that many people today have not had the opportunity to learn. Back 2 Basics encourages WI Branches to hold a workshop or short course on topics such as the following to help share valuable information that we fear is no longer being passed down from generation to generation.  Oh, and putting a modern spin on it is more than welcome!

Baking Embroidery Preserving
Bread Making Felting Quilting
Calligraphy Gardening Rug Braiding
Candle Making Hemming Rug Hooking
Canning Home Brewing Sewing
Ceramics Homemade Cosmetics Soap Making
Cheese Making Knitting Spinning
Composting Macramé Tatting
Container Gardening Mending Weaving
Cooking Needlepoint Wine Making
Crocheting Painting Woodworking
Darning Pickling  
Drying Pottery  

Check out some of the creative topics WI's across Ontario have focused on:

Christmas Floral Centrepiece

Beeswax Candles

Jewellery Workshop

Christmas Card Making

How to Tile

Making Jam Using Rhubarb and Crushed Pineapple

Knitting a Spiral Scarf

Beginners Quilting – the Basics

Making Pie Crust

Knitting – European and North American Methods

Working with Wool

Candle Wicking


Swedish Weaving

Rug Braiding

Pasta Workshop – Making Ravioli

Quick Cuisine – Meals Made Easy

Cooking School

Holiday Treats to Share with the Family

Container Gardening

Planter Workshop

Pruning Workshop

All About Tea

Making Gingerbread Houses

Basket made from Linen Paper

Straw Bale Gardening

How to Tell if an Article is an Antique

About Bees

How to Make Noodles Out of Vegetables