Women of Excellence Fair Award

The Woman of Excellence Fair Award is presented at the District level of FWIO and recognizes the significant contributions made by WI Members working at local fairs.

Interested Districts are encouraged to form a committee to put into action the District Women’s Institutes “Woman of Excellence Fair Award.”  It is entirely up to the District to choose their winner. Districts may present more than one award per year.

The following are suggested guidelines for the District Fair Award Committee:

  1. Distribute the instruction form to each Branch in the District with appropriate dates and contact information filled in by the District.
  2. Select a closing date for nominations and specify this date on the form.
  3. Specify a selection date on the form and select a District winner by this date.
  4. Complete the certificate (or create your own) with the District winner’s name.
  5. Notify the Fair Board requesting permission to present the award at the local fair and to be included in their program.
  6. Contact your Public Relations Coordinator to research public recognition opportunities.

We hope you will participate in recognizing these special individuals for their dedicated service.

Fair Award Memo

Nomination Instruction Form

Certificate for 2019