For Home and Country

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There are benefits to being a wI member...

  • Access to displays, brochures, promotional items, program material, leadership workshops and other resources;
  • Access to a variety of scholarships, such as the 90th Anniversary Scholarship for WI Members, valued at $1,000;
  • Liability insurance coverage at WI events for the attending general public;
  • 10% discount on print and copy services at Staples;
  • Access to group insurance rates through FWIO partner, Johnson Insurance;
  • The opportunity to participate in the Shop the Gift Card Way program;
  • Monthly email updates from FWIO, including programming ideas;
  • Ability to network with other WI Members on Facebook through FWIO's private Members Group;
  • Access to additional news and resources on the FWIO website available in the "My WI" section;
  • The option to participate in District, Area and provincial level activities, conventions, workshops and conferences;
  • A voice at the United Nations through representatives at various agencies, such as the Food and Agricultural Organization and the World Health Organization.

Membership: Your chance to do more for yourself and your community!

  • Improve the quality of life for your family, friends, community and the world.
  • Advocate more effectively on a broad spectrum of issues.
  • Discover your talents and hone your public speaking and leadership skills.
  • Interpret and record local history in Tweedsmuir History Books.
  • Share fun and fellowship.
  • Make your home and country a better place to live.