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WI Links

The following list contains website and social media links for WI's in Ontario.

Amherst Island WI (Facebook)

Bar River WI (Facebook)

Binbrook WI (Facebook)

Bishop's Mills WI (Facebook)

Bruce County District WI (Facebook)

Canfield WI (Facebook)

Colpoy's Bay WI (Facebook)

Community-York Road WI (Facebook)

Cornell WI (Facebook)

Desbarats WI (Facebook)

Dunrobin WI (Facebook)

Emsdale Scotia and Area WI (Website) (Facebook)

Hamilton Area WI (Facebook)

Huron Perth District WI (Facebook)

Janet Lee WI (Facebook)

Marburg WI (Facebook)

Mountain View-Wellington WI (Facebook)

Mount Pleasant WI (Website) (Facebook)

Navan WI (Website) (Facebook)

Norfolk District WI (Facebook)

North Grey WI (Facebook)

North Russell WI (Facebook)

North Shore WI (Facebook)

Oxford District WI (Facebook)

Prince WI (Facebook)

Prince Edward District WI (Website) (Facebook)

Renfrew South District WI (Website) (Facebook)

Russell Village WI (Facebook)

Silver-Wood WI (Website)

Simcoe Area WI  (Facebook)

Southern Area WI (Facebook)

Star of the North WI (Facebook)

Strabane WI (Facebook)

Sydenham WI (Facebook)

Tec We Gwill WI (Facebook)

Walton WI (Facebook)

White Lake WI (Facebook)

Windermere WI (Website)

Women Empowered WI (Facebook)

Women Inspiring Women WI (Website) (Facebook)