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There are many reasons women of all ages - and their families - benefit from their local WI. Here are some ways YOU can be one of them:

  • Sign up for our email newsletter [see link below]
  • Join us for an informative Webinar or demonstration on Zoom
  • Attend a Reaching Out Sharing Information (ROSE) meeting in your community
  • Come to a workshop at the Erland Lee Museum
  • Find your local branch

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If You Can't Get Out

Many women tell us they would like to be involved with the WI, but they can't get out to meetings easily because of:

  • limited free time
  • shift work
  • childcare or eldercare responsibilities 
  • lack of transportation 
  • personal safety concerns about travelling to meetings at night
  • mobility impairment

For women like you, WI Ontario is planning a virtual branch. Enjoy all the benefits of WI membership without the commute!

For more information, please contact us: