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Ripples of Change: A Provincial Initiative

In 2005, Ontario enacted AODA - the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. At that time the government announced a bold vision to make Ontario accessible by 2025. While many large changes have been implemented, there are thousands of small barriers that continue to frustrate the disabled community. FWIO is asking members to work locally with other members, friends, family and people who might become members to identify and address barriers disabled people face daily. 

Once a potential barrier has been identified, you can use the toolkit to customize a letter of introduction to engage local businesses, not-for-profits, or even local government at the township or county level. You may want to involve local community groups who support people with disabilities for a brainstorming session. You can explain you are part of FWIO’s province-wide initiative to recommend small changes that can make a difference.

When a business or organization accepts a recommendation and makes a change, we will provide you with a thank you letter and a certificate to present. Your success story, and the photographs you take, can be uploaded to our digital archives, to become part of our living history. 

This program will run until 2025. We need YOU to help make some ripples! Our Education Coordinator, Janet MacDonald, invites everyone with ideas or suggestions about this program to contact her at or by telephone at 613-484-4397.

Canada Post & Accessibility 

Is your branch looking for a starting point to participate in this FWIO initiative?

Canada Post has a great deal of information about their commitment to accessibility on their website.

You can make recommendations about improving access at your local post office that could be beneficial to your community at large. Alternatively, you might find an opportunity to help just one person by making them aware of the Delivery Accommodation Program.

Please check the Canada Post website for more ideas and detailed information about how to contact the correct department within Canada Post.